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Data Center Cold Aisle Design

 As IT equipment is more and more tending to the era of high-density centralized management, the heat dissipation problem faced by data centers is becoming more and more serious. At present, the mainstream of data center airflow organization heat dissipation is cold aisle and hot aisle design. Here Xinrong Network The editor briefly expounds the design of the cold aisle in the computer room, hoping to help the IT managers, information supervisors and various user units involved in the industry.
During the use of the data center computer room, it is restricted by various factors, resulting in unreasonable and unsmooth airflow organization in the computer room. Because the IT equipment relies on the low-temperature air sent by the computer room air conditioner to fully exchange its heat dissipation, take away heat and reduce the amount of heat in the rack. Temperature and airflow organization play the role of heat exchange media. When the heat exchange is not smooth and unreasonable, the current situation can only be that the capacity configuration of the air conditioning equipment in the computer room is far greater than the actual demand to meet the needs of the computer room. As a result, the investment in air-conditioning equipment will increase, the operating cost will increase, and the PUE value of the computer room will increase.
Therefore, how to plan the airflow organization of the data center computer room is of great significance. It is to summarize and classify the existing unreasonable airflow organization in the computer room, and carry out reasonable transformation according to different types. The cold and hot air are effectively isolated, so that the cold air can be smoothly sent into the communication equipment for heat exchange, and the hot air generated by the exchange is sent back to the air conditioning unit to avoid unnecessary cold and heat exchange and improve the efficiency of the air conditioning system. Reduce computer room operating costs.
The air supply mode of the precision air conditioner plays a decisive role in the airflow organization of the machine room. The air supply and return methods of precision air conditioners are different, and the airflow organization of the entire machine room is completely different. The following is a schematic diagram of the airflow organization of the cooling method of the supply air cooling channel:

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