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Are you building or renovating the data center? Use our FRONTIER maintenance and assistance services, and get the qualified support of our experienced specialist and technician, who will cooperate with you from project planning to the handover of the completed work. Together, we find the best solution and prevent possible claims caused by wrong installation or unprofessional first start-up of FRONTIER products. Leave it on us. We will save your money and your time.

The FRONTIER portfolio of design support services includes consultation on all size and scale projects from remote office server rooms to large-scale enterprise data centers. All aspects from a casual initial phone consultation to a complete solution which includes room layouts, cooling strategies, conceptual testing in our laboratory to a complete construction specification for a mission-critical space or data center project can be supported by our technical design and engineer specialists.
Our team can design a layout of your data rooms, location of individual units (UPS, cabling, IT cabinets, fire extinguishing, engine room), as well as detailed rack distribution on floor tiles. We can offer energy studies, and also the entire cooling systems projects, using FRONTIER products and other brands. The goal is always to maximize the benefits while minimizing capital and operation costs.

Pre-assembly from the factory helps you to simplify on-site work and shorten the construction time of the data center.
Services including:
Technician inspection and checking the accuracy of the offer
Accessories already assembly in FRONTIER factory
FRONTIER specialist supervises the assembly in FRONTIER factory

FRONTIER specialist takes care of your order from the factory to the handover of finished work. Product installation is provided by your technical team, or external installation company trained by FRONTIER specialist and under his following supervision.
Services including:
Order supervision already in the factory
Assistance during the datacenter assembly (= installation time minimization)
Total installation supervision (= guarantee of correct function)
Training of technical staff
Supervision of an external assembly company


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