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The content shared is a foreign data center construction planning plan, which adopts the design method of downward air supply and upper return air + precise closed and isolated airflow organization.
The main composition of the article: CFD pictures and sidenotes.
First, we introduce the basic information of the CFD project:
Space size: 40 feet wide * 60 feet long (12.192 meters wide * 18.288 long)
Underground air supply plenum net height: 14 inches (350 mm)
@IT scale
Load scale of a single cabinet: 7.2KW
Number of cabinets: 64 units
Total IT facility load scale: 459kW
Number of servers: 1048 2U servers
@cooling settings
Temperature control 75 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius) after power on
The closed cold aisle contains 16 grille floors with a pupil rate of 40%
Below: The closed cold aisle for the lower air supply + the hot aisle for the closed return air of the upper return air chimney is adopted. The cold and hot air flow prevents mixed flow and enters the precision air conditioning return air unit at a higher
Below: The CFD simulation effect of the overall airflow organization of the layout. It can be seen that under this airflow organization, the cold air is concentrated in the bottom static plenum and the cold aisle, and the hot aisle is isolated by the chimney and the microporous ceiling. The design of the airflow organization very good.
Bottom: After using the cold aisle suppression component, the temperature is more consistent at the height of +-0 in the cold aisle.
Below: In the temperature grid of about 1 meter, a better air supply temperature can be obtained, which is relatively stable, and the temperature of the equipment air inlet in the cold aisle is consistent and safe.
Below: In the temperature grid of about 2 meters, the temperature at the top of the cold aisle is also good, and the temperature of the air supply outlet can be maintained at 23 degrees Celsius, which is enough to cool the facilities and equipment. The temperature rise is small.
Below: In the closed area of ​​the cold aisle, due to the better effect of the airflow organization of the static pressure box, the cold air actively absorbed by the server fan is relatively sufficient. The precious cooling air flow is suppressed in the cooling area of ​​the equipment, and less cooling air leakage is exchanged for certain economic benefits.
Of course, the application prospect of such a solution in China is limited to a certain extent. First, the budget must be sufficient, and the second point is that the floor height must be sufficient. This makes it difficult for many units or enterprises that build computer rooms in office buildings. , the budget aspect is also the main reason for companies to consider a more compromised plan, and sharing the plan here is just a role to play.

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