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  • Cooling System
  • Cooling System
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Cooling System Cooling System Cooling System Cooling System

Cooling System

 Cooling System

The refrigeration solution meets the needs of various IT environments , providing cabinet-level precision air conditioning, micro-module-level inter-column air conditioning, and machine-class precision air conditioning for different heat load scenarios, Accurate dynamic cooling to adapt to rapidly changing thermal loads and energy efficiency High, providing complete protection and alarm functions to ensure the safe operation of the system.

Micro-module-levelinter-column air conditioning features O Efficient.

It adopts DC inverter compressor,EC fan,electronic expansion valve and frequency conversion speed regulation condenser to operate efficiently;soft start has little impact on the upper power grid o reliable.

Support dual power supply, can achieve continuous power switching, reliable power supply;low load dehumidification, reduce the risk of condensation in the machine room;o intelligent.

Fault self-diagnosis, intelligent positioning, reducing operation and maintenance waiting time;color touch screen, key parameters are clearly displayed.