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  • cable ladder
  • cable ladder
  • cable ladder
  • cable ladder
cable ladder cable ladder cable ladder cable ladder

cable ladder


Cable ladder

Other common names: ladder tray, cable runway

  • Simple design consisting of side rails with rungs connected. The rungs are perforated, which makes it easy to fasten cable ties or cable cleats directly onto the ladder.
  • Suited for electrical, instrumentation and telecommunications cables.
  • Can support heavy cables, cable bundles and pipes at long support spans.
  • Cables can enter and exit anywhere along the span.
  • Ladders provide free air flow, which is essential to avoid overheating of cables.
  • Minimal accumulation of water, moisture or dust.
  • Cables are exposed and easily accessible – making inspection and future modifications uncomplicated.
  • Covers can be added to protect cabling against UV, snow/ice and vandalism.
  • Oglaend System’s fittings such as elbows, tee pieces, cross pieces and risers make it easy to change direction or level of the cable ladder span. These solutions require minimal space.
  • Cable ladders are typically supplied in 3 or 6-meter lengths.